Student Response Systems in EAP

Student Response Systems (SRS) in EAP

Could students’ devices be used successfully as part of our EAP classroom activities? Smartphones hold a central place in the communication culture of EAP students. They check their university emails, read their VLE notifications, do research, scrutinise essay feedback and even write their assignments on their smartphones. It would perhaps be rash to not explore the possibilities of using students’ own devices in our EAP classrooms.

I’ve found ‘Kahoot!’ useful during a recent EAP lesson observation to maintain students’ attention.  Look around your EAP classroom and you’ll normally find a poster prohibiting the use of mobile devices. EAP departments often have great traditional EAP teaching resources and language material, but little time or resources is spent on providing mobile teaching material for student devices in the classroom.


Kahoot! the game-based learning platform was launched in August 2013 in Norway. It allows students to take part in multiple-choice quizzes through their smartphones.
Here is one I’ve created for Monday morning’s class. This quiz has been designed to check comprehension of the reading texts by Julio Gimenez 2000 and Rosa Gimenez 2011. This quiz is part of a lesson designed to help students identify how academic writers synthesize sources
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I have used Kahoot! In many classes, covering common academic language issues such as academic style, features of essay writing and consolidation exercises. Every time I use this tool engagement levels of students increase. The instant feedback possibilities of this system seem to appeal to the majority of my learners.

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